Why, yes, I guess you are by mattsteinglass
December 7, 2009, 7:12 am
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But not for the reasons you think.

[youtubevid id=”DC0ymLJHmsI&feature=player_embedded”]

Add: The ad was produced by a guy named Ray Griggs (here’s his LinkedIn page and a review of his apparently awful superhero spoof). The spoof apparently had a significant budget and major-name cast like Tom Sizemore, which isn’t bad for a guy whose only previous credit was an apparently equally awful CG-heavy short called “Lucifer“. (Yeah, the angel.) So the question is who’s bankrolling him, and why haven’t they explained who they are in the political ad he’s produced, and does that violate any laws.

Grigg was also in the Fox News last month for producing an iPhone app which featured offensive caricatures of various lawmakers, along with their phone numbers. Apple initially rejected, then accepted the app.

Add 2: Via Andrew Sullivan. Gawker has an appropriate review.


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Doesn’t that ad break some laws? Don’t they have to identify who they are/who is paying for that to be shot?

Comment by Michael Roston

Yeah, it certainly does seem that way to me. The ad was produced by a conservative filmmaker, this guy Ray Griggs, but it’s pretty clear he’s got a budget for it, and the question is where that budget comes from.

Comment by Matt Steinglass

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