ACORN Punkers dubbed over the videos by mattsteinglass
December 9, 2009, 12:15 am
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TPM says a report by former Massachussetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger notes:

The videos that have been released appear to have been edited, in some cases substantially, including the insertion of a substitute voiceover for significant portions of Mr. O’Keefe’s and Ms. Giles’s comments, which makes it difficult to determine the questions to which ACORN employees are responding. A comparison of the publicly available transcripts to the released videos confirms that large portions of the original video have been omitted from the released versions.

This is unethical, fraudulent journalistic behavior. I’m curious as to whether it actually constitutes slander or libel.

I’m sure the ACORN employees did display extremely unethical behavior in much of the video. But dubbing over your end of the soundtrack is completely out-of-bounds behavior that would get you drummed out of journalism. If your voice track is unclear, you insert subtitles. You don’t dub it over, and you certainly don’t dub it over and alter what you said. And the reason you don’t dub it over is that after you’ve dubbed it over, there’s no way for anyone to determine what you were originally saying.


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Oh boy. East Anglish.

Comment by citifieddoug

Hmm…my turn not to get the reference.

Comment by Matt Steinglass

It’s been your turn. I’m referring to the East Anglia University email controversy.

Comment by citifieddoug

If there were 2 other video research teams who’d spent the past 25 years filming documentaries establishing that ACORN employees endorsed prostitution, and if the raw data of the original soundtrack were still preserved at a different site such that they could be reconstructed by someone who wanted to, there might be a parallel here.

Comment by Matt Steinglass

My point, if I had one, pertained to the hypocrisy of the film-makers. I wasn’t arguing with you. I’m probably being unfair to them as I don’t know them to be climate change skeptics.

Comment by citifieddoug

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