Conservative hates sci-fi flick by mattsteinglass
December 16, 2009, 1:40 am
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Jim Nolte on Andrew Breitbart’s site for oppressed Hollywood conservatives rails against this big-budget sci-fi blockbuster everyone thinks may flop because, he says, it’s “a simplistic, revisionist revenge fantasy” that’s secretly about hating America. In the film, an elite human warrior ends up on a backward world that’s being exploited by imperial powers for its resources, but he ends up falling in love with a native princess, joining up with her tribe, becoming the tribe’s greatest warrior, and finally leading them in a successful revolt against the technologically superior foreign oppressors.

Who knew conservatives interpreted “Dune” as an anti-American allegory? Whatever. Or was it “Pathfinder”?

[youtubevid id=”l5O0dwwLpIs”]

[youtubevid id=”wE1YxzF0SzA”]


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It’s a good thing he didn’t read the book, then. The right reason to hate the movie Dune is because it sucked.

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