Russia: Shock therapy's architect dies of stress by mattsteinglass
December 16, 2009, 4:15 am
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It’s hard to imagine a more terrible encapsulation of what’s happened to Russia over the past 18 years than the sad news today of Yegor Gaidar’s death. Gaidar was among the architects of the shock-therapy transition to a free-market economy that brought capitalism to Russia at the price of immense hardship for average people. He was an honest man who genuinely believed the structural reforms he was engaged in would bring a better, freer, more prosperous Russia. Today, Russia has a more or less normal-ish micro economy and responsible macrofinance institutions, and lots of rich people and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the large corporate world is distorted by corruption and government intervention, crime is rampant, the state is bloated and dysfunctional, and Russian men now have a life expectancy of 59 due largely to alcoholism and stress-related cardiac illnesses. Gaidar, like so many men in the Russia he helped create, died of a blood clot in his heart. He was 53.


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Right, he genuinely believed that free market and initial criminal capitalism result in the modern western type of society, and Russia makes same transition as USA from 30th to 90th years in the last century. These children of Kremlin functionaries knew too well, what was the Soviet propaganda, and at the same time they idealized the American way of life. They were idealists of free market. That resulted in mafiocracy in Russia.

Comment by maksimiliam

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