Deep truths you can discover in Andy Samberg videos by mattsteinglass

I have officially lost my mind: I am starting to perceive deep thematic arguments on political and emotional themes in Andy Samberg “Saturday Night Live” videos. First it was the relevance of “I Threw It On the Ground” to the health-care debate and the Tea Party movement — people so infuriated by the attempts of others to give them something nice that they could really use that they hurl it to the ground, taking the offer as an insult to their status as responsible adults and proclaiming “I ain’t a part of your system, man!”

Then it was the sequence at the end of “Like A Boss” where Samberg straight-up denies that he said he sucked his own dick — something he just said, with graphic representation, ninety seconds earlier. It occurred to me that the appropriate ending for this skit would be for the interviewer to ask: “Are you seriously going to sit there and deny that you said something to me which I heard with my own ears just ninety seconds ago? Because if you are, then you’re hired!”

And now it occurs to me that the sequence in “I Threw It On the Ground” in which Samberg protests “This ain’t my dad! This is a cell phone!” is actually a pretty authentic representation of society-wide angst over relationships that are increasingly mediated by technological go-betweens.

Like I said: I’m out of my mind. Time to go to sleep.


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I like the idea when Lieberman came out against Medicare buy-in everything went slow and dramatic and “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap started playing, like in the Samberg “Dear Sister” video.

‘mmm whatcha say?
Mmmm that it’s just what we need
you decided this’

Comment by rortybomb

Heh. But I think it would have had to play the first time when Chuck Grassley said he couldn’t support Baucus’s Gang of Six bill, and then again when Lieberman deep-sixed Medicare buy-in, and then again when Olympia Snowe wouldn’t vote for the final bill…and probably about four more times in between. Or to quote another relevant Samberg line: “Tazin’ on my butthole, ovah, and ovah…”

Comment by Matt Steinglass

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