Stack affair pushing the frontiers of irony by mattsteinglass
February 24, 2010, 3:32 pm
Filed under: Conservatism

Joe Stack’s daughter is something of a nut case herself, this Good Morning America sequence reveals, but specifically it’s hard to get your head around the facts that she 1. endorses her father’s tax-fueled anger against “the government”, which causes people she knows to “suffer” and in some cases die; 2. experienced such suffering herself in that Medicaid would not cover her post-natal complications; and as a result 3. moved to Norway, where, though her taxes are higher, she feels she’s getting “more bang for her buck” because of the excellent government services.

Also, the IRS agent Stack managed to kill was an African-American who served two tours of duty in Vietnam. The guy really managed to pack a lot of American political pathology into one tight little package.


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“Do you hope any change comes out of this tragedy?”
“Everything. Absolutely everything.”

I’m so sorry that she had to go overseas to get the government she needs. She’d have made a fine governor.

Comment by citifieddoug

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