A class of stupid thing not to say, courtesy of Brit Hume by mattsteinglass
February 26, 2010, 7:31 am
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We all say stupid things. All the time. Got to be expected. And if your job is to go on TV, you’ll probably find yourself saying some of those stupid things on TV. By watching the errors of others who haplessly say stupid things on TV, we can make ourselves aware of more classes of things that are stupid to say, and, with luck, we may ourselves avoid saying that class of stupid thing in the future. In this fashion, watching television can be educational.

Brit Hume has made me aware that one class of stupid thing you can say is to brag that your religion makes you spiritually better-equipped to handle the emotional consequences of infidelity. (Hat tip Ta-Nehisi Coates.)


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Ha. You bet. Thankfully, Lutheran theology with its emphasis on grace and justification by faith will make it much easier for me, should I ever commit genocide.

Comment by citifieddoug

Well if Brit, thought maybe if Tiger, should be well, not so jewish, or muslim, or perhaps less latter day saint, to seek redemption our country might be more indignant but no he picks on Buddhism which is the more gentle of religions. I would suggest anyone interested in forgiveness look up forgiveness in buddhism. At least Brit should research before he reveals his profound ignorance.

Comment by libtree09

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