Health care reform and game theory by mattsteinglass
March 9, 2010, 2:16 am
Filed under: Health care reform

I’m generally a fan of both political science and game theory, and of using the insights of same to analyze current events. But some game-theory insights are more counterintuitive, data-based or insightful than others. Excellent poli-sci blogger John Sides references Sandeep Baliga, who thinks House Democrats are currently playing chicken on the health-care reform vote, and comments:

One implication: if the representative wants to extract concessions from the Democratic leadership, it’s thus a good idea to signal uncertainty or even opposition to the bill — as many conservative Democrats have done. This raises the possibility, as one friend noted to me, that the prevalence of these signals in news stories may inflate the perceived chance that health care reform will fail in the House.

To this, I must confess, my initial response is: duh.


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