Wikis and Communism: same same, but different by mattsteinglass
March 9, 2010, 5:06 am
Filed under: and Planning, Architecture, Vietnam

A wiki is a collectively produced knowledge product that anyone can participate in, that belongs to no private individual or organization and is distributed for free. Sounds vaguely Marxist: from each according to his knowledge, to each according to his curiosity. On the other hand, wikis are totally non-hierarchical and transparent, and there can be no censorship on ideological or other grounds because no one, proletarian, vanguard or otherwise, is in control. Definitely not resembling actually existing Communism! Though some utopian socialists or anarcho-syndicalists might still say that true Marxism is not incompatible with the wiki vision.

Anyway, one of the coolest loci to fuse these two ideological entities is WikiHanoi, put together by the folks at, which if I understand it correctly is associated with the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association. All kinds of great stuff about the evolving Hanoi master plan here, and anybody can leave their comments and suggestions. Plus very cool old maps!


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